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is a French brand of men’s and women’s underclothes, pantyhose, and socks. All of our products are designed and developed in France by our fashion designers and our own development team. We also rely on our production and logistics team in the south of France, which supplies our local distribution center.

DIM arrived on the market in 1953, when it presented the first “Sunday” pantyhose—“dimanche” in French—leading to the brand name DIM. In 1956, DIM presented the world’s first run-resistant pantyhose. Thanks to the success of DIM hosiery, the brand decided to broaden its offerings to include lingerie, which it first brought to market in 1975. Another major addition to the DIM collection came in 1986: its innovative stay-up stockings. 1987, meanwhile, brought another increase in scope, in the form of a DIM collection for men. In 2001 DIM sparked a revolution in women’s underclothes with the Body Touch bra, made of a single piece of laser-cut cloth. In 2012 the brand expanded into normal-quality, mass-market products under its DIM Basic sub-brand, and also introduced its “Diam’s Minceur” active textiles—manufactured using special technology—that shape the female body.

Brand Facts:

  • DIM is France’s brand #1 (by value) in women's, men’s, and hosiery goods

  • Its yearly turnover is 346 million dollars (07/2014 – 06/2015)

  • It has 2,600 employees worldwide

  • It has 66 patents worldwide

  • DIM’s unprompted brand awareness in France is 93% (pantyhose – April 2015)

  • DIM has a market presence in 42 countries

Why Choose DIM?

  • 50 years of expertise and innovation

  • France’s leading brand, now available on every continent

  • A wide range of high-quality products

  • An expectation to create a true international brand

  • Specialized teams for each distribution channel

Opening hours

Department store Mo - Su: 9:00 - 20:00
Supermarket Mo - Su: 7:00 - 22:00