Pietro Filipi
category: accessories, fashion
groups: men, women

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Pietro Filipi

Pietro Filipi

PIETRO FILIPI is a fashion designer brand which has been a part of the fashion world for more than twenty years. Its success stems from the timeless minimalist cuts, high-quality materials and fine tailoring. The brand relies on leading Czech as well as foreign designers, thus ensuring not only a unique style but also continuous contact with the latest fashion trends.

Pietro Filipi products are intended for modern, elegant and dynamic customers who see fashion as an integral part of their lifestyle and an expression of their own personality, who follow and have good knowledge of the trends but select their clothing with respect to their own individuality and an exquisite sense of fashion.

The collections by Pietro Filipi are valued for their design, high-quality materials and meticulous workmanship. The Pietro Filipi style reflects timeless elegance and sophisticated aesthetics.

Pietro Filipi fashion is available in more than 45 shops located in 8 European countries.

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