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Lingerie Skiny and Schiesser


Skiny is an Austrian brand that puts the emphasis on the perfect refinement of cuts, is able to make use of the best features of high-quality materials, and keeps an eye on the precision of work so that Skiny offers unparalleled comfort when warm while at the same time captivating with its clean and simple design. For Skiny these are the most important things that it can offer customers for their money.

Skiny means a naturalness and a lust for life. To be Skiny means to be confident and carefree. Skiny is also the talent to enjoy life 24 hours a day. With Skiny you can be who you really are, have a good feeling about yourself, look good, feel good and be spontaneous. Skiny will be with you wherever life takes you. Skiny is the perfect choice of materials, cuts and fashionable designs. It connects all styles.

Skiny is worn by men and women who want to feel young and creative. Skiny expresses a way of life.

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