Mint market

Thursday, 11/1/2018

At MINT: Prague Fashion Market you will find presents, gingerbread and lots of fun

Original goods straight from the people who made them, unusual experiences, workshops, unique refreshments - this is MINT: Prague Fashion Market. For the twenty-third time it will open its doors to Prague’s customers who don’t like doing their Christmas shopping among exhausted crowds in department stores to the background of overused Christmas carols. On the weekend of 17 and 18 November, it will take them into places where they are not usually allowed. Into the closed off 5th and 6th floors in Kotva Department Store on náměstí Republiky

Visitors had the chance to see the same marvellous view this April. “More and more people are interested in the origins of the presents that they put under the Christmas tree. They don’t want to support multinational corporations or Chinese copies. They want original products from the hands of those who made them. They want sustainable goods that they feel good about. And that’s why they come to the MINT market to do their Christmas shopping,” explained Zbyněk Hanko, the festival’s organiser.

As usual, there is free entry and visitors will be able to choose from more than 120 stands with clothing, jewellery, accessories and designed products. There are, of course, also lots of great things to eat and products for children. This year, for example, original books.

This year for the first time, Carbon chiefs and their carbon fibre accessories will be at the festival. “We like the variety of designers at the market. We look forward to showing our carbon bow ties, which we have been working on for over a year. We are very proud of the ones with Swarovski crystals. We also have three secret new products that we plan to reveal there,” said Filip Peško.

On the other hand, Monika Piecuch Roženková is a seasoned seller with her MonaRosa fashion brand. She is looking forward to Kotva because she was not there in the spring and she likes the space that the market is held in. “At MINT I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. We build contacts, talk to customers, and sometimes other interesting projects come out of it. This time, I have a new collection of stoles, snoods and artificial fur hats for both adults and children,” she said.

Anyone who loves Christmas gingerbread but does not feel like decorating them should come to the Perníčkův sen stand. “People can come and try traditional gingerbread made according to a family recipe, as well as cupcakes, traybakes and shortcakes. And they can take home an entire winter wardrobe - baked from our gingerbread,” the bakers from Perníčkův sen entice visitors.

But people don’t come to MINT just for the shopping. They are looking for adventure and new experiences. They want to have fun, have something sweet to eat, dance or meet new friends. This time, amongst others, Annabelle Minerals will be taking care of this with its workshop where ladies can spoil themselves with a unique mineral make-up. The Metráž brand will also be here with a new collection, Committed to Fight against Xenophobia and Social Exclusion. Wearme Fashion, for example, will be showcasing its sustainable fabrics.

Supporting those who really need help. That’s the message of the non-profit organisations at the festival. Young doctors and medical students will teach people about self-examinations at the # prsakoule training. The Single Mothers Club will be offering goods to support children without fathers. And the Pet Heroes organisation will explain how not to get carried away when buying a pet.

MINT: Prague Fashion Market 23
17. - 18. 11. 2018
5th and 6th floors, Kotva Department Store, Náměstí republiky 656
Sat.: 11:00-19:00
Sun.: 10:00-17:00

You will find the programme, a list of sellers and more information on our website or on Facebook.

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