Floor full of accessories

If you long for unique accessories, visit the 3rd floor of the Kotva department store.

If you are looking for glass, porcelain, cooking and tableware items, decorations, textiles, bags, artificial flowers and presents from leading international producers, visit Mobax City Shop, which stocks exactly this range of original and high-quality products. If you are also looking for a designer gift for friends or relatives, Mobax City Shop is the place to go.

It is not just lovers of retro who will be attracted by our household articles. You will find here modern gifts, household products and kitchen accessories as well as a whole range of items that you had thought were not produced anymore. Do you need a certain appliance or accessory for your home and you are sorry to find it is unavailable, or you don’t know where to shop for it?  Try our household goods and maybe you will be lucky – the huge selection available in this practical shop brings hope.

Bohemia Crystal offers high-class but reasonably priced products made from glass and porcelain. You will find here accessories such as vases and paperweights as well as complete sets of Champaign glasses, cocktail glasses and glasses for beer or cordial. You can also purchase jugs, carafes, mugs and cups, tea services, bowls, plates and dessert plates – suitable for the home interior, weekend cottage or summer or winter residence. Luxury decorative porcelain and other glass products, such as chandeliers, are also stocked.

If you want to dine from porcelain like an international celebrity, or a member of the aristocracy, visit the store Luxury Table, which sells Villeroy & Boch products and other luxury brands.

You can find us on ground floor, 2. and 3. floor Kotva Department Store
náměstí Republiky 656/8
110 00 Praha 1
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