Andrea Martiny Collection
category: 时尚, 配件
groups: 女士

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Andrea Martiny Collection

The Company was founded in 1997 in the city of fashion, Trenčín. Enthusiastic young people were able to build from a small business firm prosperous company AST Design with its own technological means and production methods. It currently specializes in designing all kinds of heavy and light clothing.

With the growth of its production capacity AST Design has profiled into two main divisions - women's clothing division and production of working wear.

Its products - women's clothing, distributes and sells under its own brand ANDREA MARTINY®.

AST Design Company designers stem their creation from a philosophy based on the brand ANDREA MARTINY® - each model has to attract attention, but not to itself, but primarily to the beauty of a woman. Thanks to this approach, ANDREA MARTINY® brand has become for many women a symbol of their own lifestyle.


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