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Creenstone makes special and unique crafted women’s outerwear offering a blend of sophisticated modern fashion and confident feminine style. Our only wish is to help our customer feel special and beautiful, proud to be herself.

As an outerwear specialist, our unparalleled experience in carefully crafted coats and jackets makes a Creenstone as durable and practical as it is beautiful. We have years of expertise with the best materials and techniques, and as a result our coats are always flattering and comfortable, and hold their shape in all weathers.

A Creenstone fits beautifully, and is a joy to wear. The key to this is understanding a woman’s body and knowing how to dress her comfortably and attractively. Gorgeous, strong and beautiful, each Creenstone is designed by women for women, led by our renowned head designer Jetske Kooi. She helps ensure that  very last element on a Creenstone is meticulously prepared and implemented, right down to the smallest luxurious details in collars, pockets and stitching.

At Creenstone our mission is to celebrate the real woman by inspiring her to look and feel beautiful every day. We make each Creenstone with love; stylish and modern, it can be co-ordinated with a woman’s entire wardrobe. In fact, Creenstone is the first outerwear that can be worn like fashion. Our aim is to give a woman the confidence to look and feel her best no matter what the seas on or occasion.

Creenstone’s distinctive silhouette and unique signature celebrate individuality, bringing sophisticated style and timeless elegance to the latest trends. Playful and inspired, we are always trying new materials, techniques and de signs and never afraid to be different.

Creenstone – Modern Originals.


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