Eugen Klein
category: 时尚, 配件
groups: 女士

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Eugen Klein

Eugen Klein is a classic collection for women over 45, with emphasis on German quality and excellent cuttings.

EUGEN KLEIN was founded in 1975 and is now known as a family business. Each member of the large family EUGEN KLEIN is now employed by the company.

"Our Lady is always well dressed and everything fits perfectly" – is the motto of the brand EUGEN KLEIN.

The collection Eugen Klein represents a perfectly complementing outfit. It is simple and easy to understand in its various parts. All items are designed and manufactured in Europe and guarantee the highest quality and excellent styles.

60% of the entire collection is made in Germany. Exclusive prints, photographic and inkjet prints are especially created for the collection in cooperation with well known manufacturers in Europe.



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