Marc Aurel
category: 时尚, 配件
groups: 女士

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Marc Aurel

The unique character of the brand Marc Aurel has been built successfully since the year it was established in 1972.

Inspiration by femininity, woman´s imagination, sensuality and intelligence, it is Marc Aurel, a brand that is inspired by a personality and even gives her more importance. The fashion which highlights the details, natural woman. The creators of the collections are inspired by women with courage and desire for freedom. For these women the collections are created.

The fashion that expresses women's elegance and confidence. Marc Aurel does not change women, it only helps to constantly assert their beauty. Every material, every new piece of work done, every  refined detail, all this shows a sense of wit, charm and creativity which is being collected by designers all over the world. This is the way that the whole Marc Aurel team think and work.

Marc Aurel, it is the sense of a modern woman.


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