Pietro Filipi
category: 时尚, 配件
groups: 女士, 男士

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Pietro Filipi

Pietro Filipi

The PIETRO FILIPI collection for the autumn-winter season is in the spirit of timeless elegance, but with the emphasis on global fashion trends.

The women’s collection, the main part of which bears the signature of three of the team’s designers (Martha Bryxi, Margarida Machado and Lay Sedláková), comes with a wide range of inspirations: the British countryside in the early 20th century with an additional hint of provocation, cold northern ports, urban minimalism with sporty elements and timeless elegance. The colour range of natural shades of off-white, delicate antique rose, beige and earthy brown down to grey and black are enlivened by touches of bottle green and sharp tones of YKB blue, pink and digital prints. The collection includes contemporary, generously cut woollen, tweed and synthetic fur coats, asymmetry vs. symmetry, women’s suits, silk blouses and casual knitwear.

Key elements of the models in the youngest part of the collection, iDentity, by Anna Tušková, are pure, shear lines, thoughtful details and garments functioning as separate solitaires and part of the overall clothing that can be mutually combined.

Silverline, the premiere line from PIETRO FILIPI, has been designed for the third time by Ivana Mentlová. Luxurious materials (wool, silk, leather and fur) in the perfectly cut proportions of coats, trouser suits and the extended lengths of dresses in deep tones of burgundy, grey and black enhance the timelessness of this collection for women with a sophisticated, individual style.

The PIETRO FILIPI men’s collection is marked by the use of a combination of multifaceted structures and natural colours. A clean silhouette and minimalism combine with marble details and smoky, camel colours. “I wanted to design clothing for men who appreciate the beauty of the material and original design”, says Vladimír Staněk, the designer of the PIETRO FILIPI men’s collection. This progressive, yet elegant collection of brilliantly conceived clothing made with sophisticated materials is complemented by generously proportioned hats.


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