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Pikolinos, a Spanish company founded in 1984 started its world expansion in 1989. Favourable response came immediately. As a pilot area to test the expansion the country of France was chosen. What started as a test is now a core of the sale.

Pikolinos follows the Mediterranean style of life – not only its colours of sunrays and the sea but also the carefree and gentle nature of the nations in the region. That’s why Pikolinos shoes are designed to be of the best quality and comfort representing values more important than the latest trends.

At the moment Pikolinos exports 80% of its production to countries such as USA, France, Germany, Italy, and Russia. Pikolinos footwear is available in 60 countries, in more than 20 official shops, and more than 8000 outlets all around the world.

Pikolinos is environmentally friendly, therefore the company follows principles ensuring the minimal negative impact on the environment.

Pikolinos uses „zero paper“policy thanks to special software programmes to store and process data without the need of printing them. When printing is necessary eco-friendly (100% chlorine free) paper is used and the waste is recycled within the company.



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