Thierry Rabotin
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groups: 女士, 男士

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Thierry Rabotin

“I try to design shoes to fit the feet so closely that you feel as good as walking barefoot.” Said Thierry Rabotin – a man who conquers the world of fashion being faithful to his creed. Born in South-West France he moved to Paris to study at a prestigious fashion school. The world of fashion fascinated him so much that he decided to devote his life to fashion design. During his studies he found passion for shoes; that’s why he attended courses where he learned not only to make shoes but also gained the knowledge of the design. It is thanks to his methods, procedures, and technologies he uses, why his shoes are among the most beautiful, original, and the most comfortable – all at the same time. Thierry Rabotin’s shoes are manufactured in Milan using a method called „sacchetto“ (The lining is attached to the upper by the edges creating a “sac” along the edge which ensures amazing comfort to wear.) Even though the shoes are made in technologically modern environment, the old craftsmanship methods hold the stage.

We are the only in Prague to offer you this exclusive brand. If you are looking for shoes you can wear all day and stun people around – these are the ones for you.


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