Our three key principles at LOVE HOME are as follows:

1)    End-to-end portfolio of home interior products and services;

2)    Wide range of materials for reconstructions and new home furnishings;

3)    Services for home designers and architects.

Using a generously-sized customer area, the mission of the LOVE HOME project is to offer clients an exciting portfolio of custom-made furniture and selected home accessories and, in cooperation with home designers, provide a package of end-to-end services, including extensive construction and home interior projects - all that as a one-stop-shop concept. We offer a variety of floors, wallpapers, plastering products, as well as interior items such as lighting products and intelligent home management solutions. Moreover, we will provide you with sophisticated colour-matching advice, help you find the optimum layout for your home and assist you with your reconstruction or new-home construction project at very affordable prices.

NEW WOODFACE means new products. In addition to the proven classics, such as custom-built wardrobes and closets, Woodface offers an extensive range of kitchen units, bedrooms, living rooms and children's rooms.



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